12 Modifications that Can Actually Increase Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

increase resale value

Generally, owners are warned not to make modifications to their cars. However, specific types of modifications can actually increase your vehicle’s resale value.

Two rules of thumb are worth considering. First, convenience and safety improvements often increase a vehicle’s value – whereas performance and style modifications generally don’t.

Second, modifications should be made by a professional installer using top-quality brands and parts.

1. Infotainment centre

An infotainment centre that includes sat-nav, media players and journey information will add value, especially if it’s Bluetooth-enabled.

Some infotainment centres are compatible with virtual assistants like Siri, making them more desirable and safe to use while driving.

2. Leather seats

Replacing pleather or fabric seats with more luxurious, long-lasting leather seats will improve your car’s aesthetic appeal.

Depending on the brand, you might be able to include seat warmers.

3. New tyres

Good quality tyres appeal to buyers because they’re a safety feature and can improve handling and performance.

They also make the car more fuel efficient. Buy tyres that fit the car properly and aren’t limited to one weather condition or road surface.

4. Heads-up displays

A heads-up display is a clear display that sits in the driver’s line of sight while driving.

It usually displays the GPS and other important journey information.

It’s considered a safety feature because the driver doesn’t have to take his or her eyes off the road to look at it.

5. Anti-theft devices

High quality and professionally installed safety features add value for South African buyers.

These include gear locks, steering-wheel locks, alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices.

6. Parking sensors

Sensors and cameras for parallel parking, alley docking and reversing are a huge advantage, especially for cars with blind spots.

They’re relatively easy to install in the rear bumper. Some kits include a sensor and a rear-facing camera in one.

7. Smash-and-grab tint

A smash-and-grab tint film is a common aftermarket modification in South Africa. It can add value, especially in areas where hijackings and “smash-and-grab” crimes are prevalent.

Don’t get a very dark tint, however. This may be off-putting or even illegal.

8. High quality paint job or wrap

Few people want to buy a car in a gaudy colour that’s covered in decals. A high-quality paint job in a neutral colour will improve your vehicle’s resale value.

Vinyl wrapping works well for matte finishes.

9. Performance air filter or cold air intake

A performance air filter is less restrictive, so it’s easier for the engine to take air in. This makes it more efficient and can boost performance.

A cold air intake moves the filter outside the engine bay. This means it can take in more oxygen-rich air.

10. Roll bar for 4x4s

Roll bars are valuable safety features for owners of 4x4s. They help prevent rolling. This is useful for drivers who plan to traverse rocky terrain or slopes, where turning over is a risk.

A roll bar can also give a 4×4 or bakkie better handling by improving vehicle balance.

11. Bull bar and tow bar for bakkies

Adding a high quality, durable bull bar and tow bar to a bakkie can improve its appeal to buyers.

These features are useful for anyone planning to use a bakkie for farm work or towing.

12. Stainless-steel brake lines

Replacing rubber brake lines with longer-lasting stainless steel will improve braking responsiveness.

Rubber brake lines can make the brake pedal feel numb under hard braking.

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