How to Sell a Classic Car in South Africa

Knowing how to sell a classic car in South Africa is key for securing an attractive price.

Online and off, plenty of dealers offer to buy cars – and a number of online platforms make it easier than ever to advertise cars for sale to potential private buyers.

However, the market for classic cars is small and exclusive in South Africa, and requires a more targeted approach.

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Tips for selling a classic car

Achieving the best price for a classic car in South Africa takes planning and effort. How the vehicle is prepped for the purchase is as important as where it is marketed.

Here are a few basic classic car sales tips:

Set a market-related price

One way to determine a fair price is to the look to the market. By assessing what similar cars have sold for provides a benchmark that can be worked around.

Factors like condition, originality, mileage and history obviously have to be taken into account as they affect the value, and by extension, the price of the car.

A useful resource is Hagerty’s classic car valuation tool. The specialist collectible car insurer uses current sales data to determine vehicle values and market trends.

Present the car favourably

A well-presented classic car attracts more buyers.

The first step to a successful sale is a wash and wax, followed by cosmetic repairs to dings, dents and worn trim.

When the interior and engine is clean, and the car is in good running order, the odds of achieving the asking price are that much higher.

Spring for a professional photographer

Rather than taking a few snaps with a digital camera, hire a professional photographer.

Sales platforms are largely online, and require clear, high resolution images to reflect the best attributes of the car.

Assemble all paperwork

Maintenance records, invoices, ownership documents, receipts, historical information and photographs can have a direct bearing on how quickly a sale is closed.

By providing evidence of regular services, original replacement parts, a quality restoration and even previous celebrity owners, a buyer knows exactly what they are getting and why they are paying a premium price.

Identify a sales platform

Selling a classic car through an online listing site in South Africa can be risky. Bad actors target private sales, especially when there are high-value items involved.

A better option is to advertise the car through classic car internet forums, consign it to an auction or sell it through a dealer – but it’s important to do the research first.

As insurer Hagerty points out in its guide How to Sell A Collector Car; “The potential ways that you can sell a car vary, and each will offer its own advantages and disadvantages while requiring different styles.”

Platforms for selling a classic car in South Africa

Classic car clubs and forums

Classic car clubs and forums, like African Muscle Cars, BMW Fanatics, The Buick Club of South Africa and The Crankhandle Club have hundreds of active members, all of whom are interested in collectibles cars.

Some clubs host regular events, where sellers can showcase their vehicles. Others have dedicated Cars for Sale pages or sub-forums that typically offer free advertising to members.

Classic car auctioneers and dealers

Classic car auctioneers host live and online auctions, and are attracting record numbers of bidders, from South Africa and abroad.

Specialist car dealers offer a convenient all-in-one service. They handle everything, from the marketing and transferring of funds to the paperwork.

Among the South African dealers and auction houses that specialise in classic cars are:

Loans against classic cars in South Africa

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