What To Do If You Lose Your Car’s Registration Papers

What To Do If You Lose Your Car’s Registration Papers

Your car’s registration certificate should always be kept in a safe place, but even when properly stored it can get lost due to misplacement, fire or theft.

Here’s what to do if you lose your car’s registration papers.

How to get a duplicate certificate

If your car’s registration certificate is lost or destroyed, get a duplicate as soon as possible.

Only the titleholder can request a duplicate (or an executor in the case of a deceased estate).

Step 1

Visit your nearest registering authority with your ID book or card and proof of residential address, ideally a rates bill.

If you live in an informal settlement, you’ll need an official letter from the ward councillor.

Step 2

Complete the Application for Duplicate Registration/Deregistration Certificate IRO Motor Vehicle (DRC) and Declaration in Respect of Lost Documents (DCT) forms.

Both are available at the registering authority or to download on the eNaTiS website.

Step 3

Pay the necessary fee for the application and the registering authority will issue a duplicate certificate. Contact your local registering authority directly to find out the exact fee.

The duplicate certificate can take up to seven working days to process.

These are the registering authorities in the major cities and municipalities of South Africa:

Should you keep a deregistration certificate?

A deregistration certificate should be kept for a few years after deregistering a vehicle.

If you lose it, a duplicate can be obtained from your local registering authority.

Lost registration papers from your vehicle’s financer

While your car is financed, the bank/lender will hold the registration certificate.

Once you’ve paid the car off, contact the lender and it will courier the registration certificate to you along with a letter stating that the loan is settled.

You must then transfer ownership into your name as soon as possible so that you become the titleholder.

If you lose the certificate before this change has been made you will not be able to apply for a duplicate directly.

You will have to contact the lender, who will secure a duplicate certificate at a fee.

What to do if you don’t get a renewal notice for your car licence

Even if you don’t receive a renewal notice for your car licence in the post, it’s still the vehicle owner’s responsibility to make sure the licence is renewed before it expires. Failure to do so will result in penalties and arrears.

There is a grace period of 21 days after a licence expires before these penalties start accruing.

You can still renew your licence without the renewal notice. Simply visit your registering authority and submit the Application for Licencing of Motor Vehicle (ALV) form along with your ID, proof of address and the required fee.

Use a registered vehicle to secure a loan

Pawn My Car is a well-established, reputable loan provider that specialises in short-term, asset-based loans. Our interest rates comply with the National Credit Act.

In order to secure an asset-based loan using your car, you need to present the vehicle’s registration certificate along with a copy of your ID and proof of residence.

You can schedule an evaluation by contacting us on 0861 112 866 or start the application process by filling in our online application form.

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