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Pawn and Drive

Should you pawn your car and still drive it?

Do you want to pawn your car and still drive it? While this sounds like a great deal, the reality is that it’s expensive and complicated.

Before you ‘pawn your car and still drive it’, consider the following:

  • You’ll go through a complicated and time consuming approval process. This will require the submission of an application including payslips and bank statements.
  • If approved you’ll usually you have to hand over the ownership of your vehicle. You might still be driving your car, but won’t own it.
  • If you want your car back, you will have to buy it back from the lender at a future date.
  • It is expensive. It’s usually a lot cheaper and easier to pawn your car with us, and rent another car.

In comparison, Pawn My Car makes pawning your car as quick, affordable and convenient as possible.

When you pawn your vehicle with Pawn My Car:

  • You’ll bring your car in and leave with your money. It’s immediate. No complicated application or approval processes apply.
  • You’ll benefit from the cheapest rates, and the security of dealing with an NCA compliant company.
  • Our rates are so low that you can go out and hire a car for the duration of the loan.
  • You won’t lose ownership of your vehicle, we only hold it as security.
  • You can usually obtain a higher loan amount than you would if you sold it with an option of buying it back later.

We encourage you to compare costs and do your own research. You will find us to be the better and less expensive option – even with car hire included. For more information, please contact us on 0861 112 866.