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How To Get A Loan Against Your Car

How To Pawn Your Car

Maximise your loan value


  • Have your service record handy
  • Ensure the tyres are in good shape
  • Ensure your spare tyre and jack is with the vehicle
  • Ensure you have your spare key
  • Ensure your licence is up to date.

How to pawn your car

1. Prepare At Home

  • Your car must be fully paid
  • The owner of the car must apply for the loan and sign the agreements
  • Submit information on-line or phone our call centre.

2. Get Your Documents

  • Copy of your ID and proof of residence
  • Original registration certificate of the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is in the name a company, cipro docs, company resolutions (we advise), copy of the proxy’s ID.

3. Come To Our Office

  • Bring the documents and the vehicle for final evaluation
  • Read, complete and if happy, sign the loan agreement
  • Car is stored in a secure facility
  • A transfer is made to you electronically.

4. Get Your Car Back

  • Pay the monthly interest charge as per the agreement
  • Pay the capital back as per the agreement
  • Once money reflects in our account, collect your car and related documents.