How to Get the Best Sale Price for a Classic Car in South Africa

Getting the best sale price for a classic car in South Africa takes a bit more research and focused marketing than selling other vehicle types.

Worldwide, the classic car market is booming – and South Africa is on trend.

Auction records are tumbling as younger high-net worth individuals join the hunt for rare, collectible automobiles. By all accounts, it’s a sellers’ market.

Getting the best price for a classic car involves more than sentimental guesswork. It takes time, effort and a fair bit of creative marketing.

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Determining the value of a classic car

Setting a competitive price is the first step to success. That requires specialist insight into the value of the vehicle on the open market.

With the classic car genre, it isn’t only make, model and mileage that count. Book value isn’t all that counts.

Factors like rarity, original paint and parts, the quality of any restoration work, historical significance and previous owners can all influence the car’s resale value.

It’s useful to check a range of sources online, in case you can find current selling prices for a similar model. That’s a start.

It’s also worth considering an expert appraisal, which should take historical trends and supply and demand into account.

Some examples of South African businesses that offer classic car valuations are:

A number of classic car clubs provide free online valuation tools that can help you come up with a price.

If you want an accurate assessment of worth, boutique valuation companies are the way to go. They physically appraise the car and conduct in-depth research, including historical and current data.

Preparing a classic car for sale to attract the best price

A classic or vintage car that is washed, waxed and sparkling, inside and out, is more likely to catch the eye of serious buyers.

Along with enhancing the exterior aesthetics, it’s important to get under the bonnet too. A clean engine bay and undercarriage speaks of regular maintenance and extra care, and won’t go unnoticed.

Inflating the tyres, replacing the battery and changing the oil are important touches that can clinch a sale – and ensure the engine purrs into life rather than splutters.

Gathering documents that prove the authenticity and lineage of the classic car can add to its value – and the price serious collectors are prepared to pay for it.

For further, general tips on how to increase the value of your classic car, see our article, 8 Ways to Increase the Value of a Classic Car.

Using targeted channels to advertise a classic car

Once fair value is arrived at and you’ve prepped the car, the next step is to select a sales channel.

This is where specialised classic car online marketplaces, shows and events, and auction houses can pay dividends.

Some examples of online classic car dealers and marketplaces in South Africa are:

Targeted channels are more likely to attract a good price. That’s because you’re preaching to the converted.

You’ll be advertising to a more knowledgeable audience – one that values classic cars not just for their “driveability” but for their provenance, interesting characteristics and performance.

Some pitfalls of selling a classic car in South Africa

Even with targeted advertising, getting the desired price for a classic car in South Africa can be challenging.

The audience for classic cars in this country, though enthusiastic, is limited.

When you do attract a potential buyer there is no guarantee you’ll be able to close the deal quickly.

Selling online may be the go-to option but in South Africa, it comes with a high level of risk – as recent Facebook Marketplace robberies attest.

Then there is the time factor associated with web-based classic car auctions. Bidding typically takes place over several days, and there may be significant delays between a sale and “money in the bank”.

Also, auction fees and commission will be deducted.

Using a classic car to secure funding

Selling isn’t the only alternative – and selling in a rush definitely isn’t advised.

If you need funding quickly, one alternative is to consider securing an asset-based loan against a classic car from Pawn My Car. Find out more on our Loans Against Classic Cars page.

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